Emirates – Vertical Garden

The Client

Emirates is a fast-growing international airline with one of the youngest fleets in the sky. Launching with only two aircrafts on 25 October 1985, their motto was quality and not quantity. Today, Emirates has grown into a globally influential travel and tourism corporation.

The Campaign

Mischief Media utilised the expertise of an internationally renowned horticulturalist specialising in vertical gardens. He developed a system which Mischief used to incorporate any form of plant onto the side of a building. The system itself uses minimal water and recycles the majority of the water minimising waste

The Result

Both Mischief and Emirates received tremendous exposure for this project, with 106 811 retweets on Twitter and an approximate 25 million unique visitors to sites that blogged about this.
It also received great coverage in well-known websites and magazines such as inhabitat.com, Cape Town World Design Bid 2014, allafrica.com, Wall Street Journal, bizommunity.com, Living Green Magazine, newsinSA.com, visimag.co.za, Cool Green Magazine and shelterholic.com. Additional coverage included discussions on CapeTalk567, Sunday Times, The Taxi (Online Radio) and a television interview with Jeremy Maggs and SABC’s “Maggs on Media”.